A short history on the establishment

CEEDECO (Centre D'encadrement et D'etudes pour le Developpement Communautaire) was estblished on 09 september 1997 when Mr Eric Lukemya Wa Mwenge was 25 years old. He had the vision to address conflicts between ethnic groups in order to restore social bonds between communities, and rebuild trust among ethnic groups for their development in Uvira, Fizi, Walungu, and Mwenga territories. The main ideas was to involve natives of these areas into the program. The initiative was welcomed by 11 people who decided to engage into the creation of a center for mentoring and eduction. This step was not without risks, sacrifices and energy and brave minds…

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CEEDECO is a non for profit making organisation, non political, non religious, nor ethnic-oriented one. CEEDECO is a peacebuilding, community-based, human rights promoting structure open for both local and international contributions.


11 Men and women from different ethnic groups in the south kivu war-torn apart region, namely:

  1. Mr. Eric Lukemya wa Mwenge (the visionary)
  2. Mr. Mechak Mbilizi Ponga
  3. Mr. Thomas Gahungu
  4. Mr. Raymon Lokole
  5. Mme. Isette Bukaba
  6. Mme. Lydia Bintu
  7. Mme. Loy Nandebwa
  8. Mme. Antoinette Furaha
  9. Mr. Elie Rusamira
  10. Mr. Milton Elongo
  11. Mr. Leon Masase


Is to build a peaceful, fair and healthy society for women, children, elderly people, families, people living with handicap and other marginalized groups including minotities in conflict and post conflicts areas.


Promoting community and humanitarian leadership through mass education, training activities, reflection and meeting spaces, mentoring, coaching and supervision of individuals and groups including sensitization, and practical assistance and caritative actions to victims of wars and other forms of violence and social injustices, such as assisting victims of torture, domestic violence, discriminated people and support to groups whose basic rights have been violated systematically or not the main target being the Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), individuals, community networks and local leaders in areas where CEEDECO is operational.


  1. Mass education and reflection spaces lead to positive change and sustainable development!
  2. CEEDECO believes that when positive values of a community are strengthened, community problems get solved sustainablly and collectively!
  3. CEEDECO believes that traumatized communities are problematic ones and less resilient. Focusing on the healing, resilience program and heath are so crucial to develop a specific groups of people!
  4. Good governance and state of law are so crucial for a healthy society!
  5. Community problems are to be solved by the same community actors and resources. They should not be actors on side and victims on another ! All are to be embarked on the same healing and development boat!
  6. CEEDECO believes in diversity, pluralism, inclusion and tolerance including feminism, and gender-equality policy.
  7. Do no harm.
  8. Anti corruption organisation.

Main goals

  1. Empowering local actors for sustainable development, peace and justice in the areas torn-apart by conflicts and violence.
  2. Engaging a responsible leadership to combat local problems involving both local and external actors.
  3. Mobilizing local human resources, knowlege and know-how (individuals and groups) as genuine and easier support to tackle local problems.