Photo album

Image with information about CEEDECO including former staff members.

CEEDECO volunteers and staff members. Back row (from left to right):
Chantal Chinegena, Sylvie Ofombo, Emma Mlondani, Solange Bobila, Sifa Alimasi.
Front row: Leon Masase and Meshak Ponga.

Photo de famille de membres du resau Aigle de Kiliba (RAKI). (Family picture of the members of the Local Network, the Eagles of Kiliba)

The first prints of the rehabilitation of the Community center Humanitas in Kiliba, ex "Foyer Social".

CEEDECO assisting destitute families. This family was in need of money to be able to quit the hostpital after the birth of these twin-children in a very known hospital in Uvira.

CEEDECO spending time with children in Kiliba under it's "JUST A SMILE" program.

CEEDECO, RAKI-Kiliba and other members of the community receiving the piece of land offered to CEEDECO and RAKI as part of community initiative in the Kiliba ward.

The piece of land offered to CEEDECO-RAKI in front of the catholic school in Makuza quarter-Kiliba.

Participants in one among CEEDECO’S Workshops with CSOs in Uvira

Participants from all background and organisations are regularly attending CEEDECO monthly workshops in Uvira town.

Participants are eager to hear a complimentary speech about CEEDECO from an imminent leader of the local administration in Uvira.

CEEDECO Founding member and one of the oldest active members. Taking on the secretariat role during a workshop in Uvira: Mr Meschak Mbilizi Ponga.

One of prohiminent facilitator and consultant on leadership Pastor Paul Baraka.

Two top-leaders within CEEDECO: Ms. Chantal CHINEGENA and Solange BOBILA.

The former boss the executive committee, Madam Bobila Solange.

CEEDECO receiving and dedicating the Diploma received to all participants.

The two top-leaders of CEEDECO (Solange, left, and Chantal, right) exhibiting the Diploma of merit received from the local administration to the audience in the District's hall named ''Salle polyvalente'' in Uvira.

CEEDECO expressing their satisfaction for their rewarded work that they dedicated to all the participants on 22 April 2016.
From letf to right: Meschak, Maman -coordinatrice Bobila, Sylvie, Sifa , Maman chantal Chinegena et Jeremie Rukumuza.

The diploma of merit showed to the audience the energy to express the generated energy by women a few men together. CEEDECO is a gender sensitive organisation. you can see it on the picture.

The head of the sub-office of the Humanitarian and National Solidarity Antenna in Uvira-Fizi addressing to an audience invited by CEEDECO on 22 April 2016 : democracy starts when people have opportunities to meet with leaders and decision-makers.

CEEDECO Consultant, Associate Prof. Bruce Assend, giving a training on organisational development.

Associate Prof. Bruce with CEEDECO.

Jean-Claude Shumbagirwa, director of Pax Vobis intervening.

Mr Emma Mlondani moderating a workwork on behalf of CEEDECO.

Participants in CEEDECO meeting room.

United Nations radio in Uvira reporting CEEDECO one of CEEDECO events.

CEEDECO engaged team.

CEEDECO facilitating a workshop entitled: "the secret of a growing organisation" for representatives of over 40 local organisations in UVIRA.

CEEDECO and RAKI their local partner receiving a piece of land from local leaders.

Local leaders serrting.

Representatives of local committees that CEEDECO accompanies in Kiliba

Mr Fortunat Assani (CEEDECO Project leader) and Elizee Byamoto Ngungwa raising awareness on community and humanitarian leadership in Kiliba.

CEEDECO discussing with self-help groups in Kiliba.

women are abondoned with their children after experiencing sexual violence, they are rejected by both their families and communities, to survive they performed too tough jobbs with risks of destroying their bodies. Some of them die doing this!

CEEDECO and children beside their mother in the street. No street should father a child.

Massacre of women and children in the area where CEEDECO is operational. Families and communities need psychosocial support to restore their hope. Mutarule en desolation

Hopeless children found in the street in the Uvira district (East of the DRC) told CEEDECO they wish to end up in the battle fields so that they can die early! Life is meaningless for them.

Children and women begging food in the East Congo some them being refugees are human beings as everyone! Charity is one option to rescue life in this part of the world. CEEDECO being a trustful channel to children od Kiliba.

The most victims in the Congo wars are women and children, CEEDECO thinks victims need be assisted.

Children are accused of witches as an excuse to get rid of them in their families, so they organise in gangs in different stree to survice, CEEDECO thinks organising an education program for these children in schools or tuition is a sustainable solution.

CEEDECO assisting women who have severely and systematic raped. To assist women in East Congo, the entire world are mobilised… It is too much… Dealing with traumatised communities is so complex!!

Hundred of thousands of women have no hope, and are abandonned in East of the DRC. Some of them do not even know if a part from ''God'' that they can be rescued but other humans allover the world. CEEDECO is trying to bring a meager assistance, just a smile. But a hollistic support and assistance is needed to resccue humanity in this areas.

L'atelier sur la gestion d'une organisation animee par l'Ass. Bruno (A training workshop on how we do manage effectively an organisation).

CEEDECO staff, participants from civil society organisations ans a coctail sharing after at the end of the workshop.

The facilitator, Mr. Bruno from a local univeristy, is insisting on the leadership, accountability, gender sensitivity and crebility within an organisation during a training workhsop with Civil Society Organisations in Uvira in February 2016.

Ceedeco celebrating with women as a way to promote feminism and gender equality promotion.

CEEDECO giving a training for Humanitarian Agents and volunteers in Uvira June 2016.

The day CEEDECO was awarded the Diploma of Merit for their dedicated work, the first one to be delivered to a local community-based and private organisation in the history of Uvira-district's administration. On 22 April 2016.

Mr Sudi facilitating, in front of dozens of participants in a workshop on behalf of CEEDECO on qualities of a humanitarian and change agent and leader in Uvira.

CEEDECO and RAKI spending their time with children in the locality of Kiliba, Uvira - East Congo.

CEEDECO inspiring Civil Society Organisations in Uvira – sud Kivu.

CEEDECO and RAKI making food for local leaders who come for a training worshops on leadership that CEEDECO organises and supports in Kiliba, Uvira South Kivu.