CEEDECO programs

CEEDECO has currently two main programs.

1. Helping Helper Program

Through this program, CEEDECO provide technical and professional support favors dozens of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) located in one areas. Thus CEEDECO a meeting, and reflection including a tailor-made training program for actors of CSOs. The courses or tuitions offered regularly range from the role of actors as individuals, to structural development and effectiveness in doing the work in the field.

CEEDECO knew from the beginning of this program that CSOs needed it to be more professional and to become more transparent in their daily achievements and dreams. Many orgnisation ordinarly confessed "not being able make it" with their assignment and responsability to vulnerable, donors and even local decision-makers. Local or external facilitators are hired to carry out discussions, panels, seminars, workshops, study visits, or just excursions or entertainment that actors in favor of actors from CSOs, CEEDECO covering all the logistics-related costs under EFFRORC (Espace des Formations Flexibles et du Renforcement de Capacite pour les organisations de la Societe Civile).

2. Community Centers Program or "7/7 Program"

CEEDECO has found that problems to be genuinely or sustainable solved, the collective appraoch is the best. Local problems must be addressed by locals themselves as either individuals or communities. This means nothing will be completely done whenever members of a society decide to do so. This range from children abuse, women's rights violation, handicaped and eldlerly people disregards in some societies, family problems, leader’s passivity.... Not involving or encouraging members of a community into range of actions against a problem or problems like saying maintaining that very community eternal victim or slave of their problems. No one has the best way to address a problem than the person who experienced it. What they only need is the support and encouragement and extra resources in doing so. All experts, sources of knowledge and experience are found in every community. It is up to facilitateurs to put efforts identifying them.

It is here where CEEDECO plays a key role in assisting communities to be able to organise themselves to solve a problem. CEEDECO carry out number of mobilisations and organise community into small committees of behavior changers. The same committees, depending on their vicinity are organised into Development Secteurs and in their these Secteurs set a strong community network, organised locally to become a Antenna. CEEDECO offer capacity building from committees members to people active in the Antenna.

Under this program are the following projects:

1. Care for children

Under this project the following activities are planned or carried out:

2. Meeting, education and self-help space for women

Under this project CEEDECO carries out the following activities:

3. Meeting and care program for elderly people

Under this project CEEDECO carries out the following activities:

4. Assisting and mutual support to people living a handicap including those with HIV/AIDS

Some people have special need, but even though vulnerable CEEDECO wants to work with vulnerable as a way to reach sustainable change. Many handicaped have been misused by their families as "income generators" while they deserved already to be assisted. CEEDECO works in conflict and post conflicts zones where HIV is present. But not such much have been done among survivors. CEEDECO thinks it is better to organize all these categories of people in groups and empower their thinking and initiatives.

5. Youth supervision entrepreneuship program

Under this project CEEDECO carries out the following activities:

6. Family support

CEEDECO believes that families are pillars of both communities and the nations. During war times, many families have been weakened by systematic violence they faced. Some members of the familes witnessed they rape of their families members, other have been forced to perform incests and other were obliged to get separated by their relatives etc. Families have been seriously uprooted and dislocated. After witnessing these severe traumatic experiences, too many people started to misuse alcohol, others offload their traumas with violence and regular disputes. CEEDECO plan is to organise a space for families.

Here are activities under this project:

7. Good governance and leaders space

Under this project CEEDECO prospects the following activities: