Narrative theatre (2017-07-15)

YouTube videos

Ceedeco uvira Ordinary General meeting for awakening and information (2017-02-23)

CEEDECO UVIRA A recreational day and share with vulnerable mothers and children of Kiliba city (2016-11-03)

Visit of center and local committee of Kiliba (2016-09-28)

Training for local leaders of Kiliba city (2016-09-27)

Interview with elderly people, handicaped people and blind lady from Kiliba (2016-09-27)

Ceedeco uvira - Leadership and communication (2016-09-20)

Ceedeco uvira - Humanitas center of Kiliba (2016-09-12)

Ceedeco uvira - Rémise de diplôme de mérite (2016-08-16)

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